Set up in Autumn 2009:
Archiscape Ltd. offered 8 colourful and attractive sets of wrapping paper, greeting cards, table mats and coasters. Each set was based on a collection of images painted by the artist Peter Michael.

In February 2010 Archiscape attended the spring fair in Birmingham. Since that time Peter Michael trialled the cards and wrapping paper across Britain. All the ranges sold very well. A year later Archiscape was “re-branded” and also Peter Michael broadened out the range which now numbers 40 designs. At present, the focus is on the design of greeting cards and wrapping paper.

Archiscape Ltd. was rebranded as SATINDREW Wrapping Paper and Greeting Cards based on original artwork by Peter Michael because the old name turned out to be too difficult to pronounce. This was causing confusion at the ordering stage.


From 2012:
SATINDREW has increased its range from 8 to 40 card designs. There are currently 8 designs for wrapping paper. Our paper products are produced in a monitored and environmentally friendly way. All our products are made in the UK


Quote from the Artist :
“I have spent the last three years travelling extensively, recording and painting architecture, that I found, found in rural and urban areas throughout Britain and more recently across the world.

I have always wanted to print architectural images on paper. Each building has been chosen for its colour, shape and delightful look. When printed together these images make for a lively account of the charm of global architecture, a vernacular with which we are all familiar.

The wrapping paper is designed so that the customer can not only use it to present gifts, but as there are no repeated building images on the sheet design, when framed, it can liven up a room!”

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